Canadian Citizenship Test – How To Get A Perfect Score On Your Test

Canadian Citizenship Test

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by Hrishikesh Ambere

Canadian Citizenship Test – How To Get A Perfect Score On Your Test

If you have already applied for Canadian citizenship, the final stage of the procedure is writing the Canadian Citizenship Test. You must take this test seriously and follow few steps before you go for your test as failure rate is around 20%.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Study “Discover Canada”

This is the official government study guide for the Canadian citizenship test to know about” The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” with lots of facts and dates on history, Geography, Government and other chapters. This guide has 10 chapters that you must memorize chapter by chapter. You can be tested on any section of the study guide. You should read all chapters until you are sure with your knowledge on that chapter. This guide is available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada at no cost.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Take Ample Time to Study

To get to know the study guide You cannot learn everything in it in a few hours, or even a day. We recommend at least a few weeks to prepare for the test. Once you have studied the guide now is the time to answer the questions correctly. Practice, Prepare and Test all quizzes from our Canadian Citizenship Test site.

Try to give as many quizzes as you can to be confident on the day of your test. There are over 800 quiz questions from all the chapters. You must take both the simulation and chapter quizzes multiple times, so you can chart your progress. To know how well you are doing you can access your test performance and test history from your profile dashboard. We give one free Sample Chapter Test and one Free Sample Simulation Test. Answering all tests on our site will help you to master you citizenship test for Canada. There is no limit on the number of tests or number of times you test with us. When you are done with this process for every chapter of the Canadian citizenship test and you start answering the questions correctly you are now ready to answer the official test of 20 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes. Remember you have to answer 15 questions correctly.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Tips Before You Go For Your Test

Before you start your test remember few things like plan to arrive early at the test location. Generally, the whole citizenship procedure can take some 3-4 hours. If you work, take at least half a day off. Do not get nervous and avoid studying on the day of the test. Do not miss any important information given by the test supervisor. Take your time and preview the test. Before you start answering the test, look over the questions. Remember that each question is worth one point. Don’t leave any questions blank and check again to make sure you have answered every question in the right box. Don’t get distracted by others and concentrate on your test to get the right answers so you pass and eventually get Canadian citizenship. If you don’t know the answer make a guess. Do not leave a question blank. After finishing your test, check your paper and see that all questions are answered.

Make sure all the required documents are with you. If you forget a certain document you will not be admitted to the test and will have to wait for another invitation which can take months and delay your citizenship process.

A dedicated and committed approach can help you get a perfect score on your test.


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Canadian Citizenship Test


Canadian Citizenship Test

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