Canadian Citizenship Test – Benefits And Advantages Of Being A Canadian

Canadian Citizenship Test

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Canadian Citizenship Test – Benefits And Advantages Of Being A Canadian

There is a long list of advantages when you apply for your Canadian citizenship. If you have passed your citizenship test which is your final step to become a citizen of Canada you will be sent a notice to attend a ceremony to take the oath of citizenship. When you take the oath of Canadian citizenship, you are now accepting the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. After you take the oath you will officially be the part of Canadian family and will receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship. Now you can apply for your Canadian passport that is your legal document to prove your citizenship. You can send your passport application to Passport Canada regional offices, Service Canada Centers, designated Canada Post offices and Canadian Government offices abroad are authorized to collect them or you can apply directly at Passport Canada. Application form along with information for getting the passport is provided free of cost where you don’t have to spend money. You only have to pay processing fees which should be payable at Canadian Government offices.


Canadian Citizenship Test – The right to live outside Canada

Unlike permanent residency where you have restrictions to be in the country for two out of five years to renew the card or three out of five years to apply for Canadian citizenship now you are having the full right to live outside Canada for any duration of time.


Canadian citizenship – Right to vote

When you become citizen, you now have the full right to vote in federal elections along in referendums.


>Canadian citizenship – Right to get jobs in federal government

Canadian citizenship is required to get the jobs in government sector. Even the jobs that have a high-level security clearance requirement.


Canadian citizenship – You can pass Canadian citizenship to your children

As a naturalized Canadian citizen any child whether it is baby girl or boy who is born to you outside Canada will be Canadian citizen.


Canadian citizenship – Right to avail social benefits

As a Canadian citizen, you get the basic healthcare and public-school education free of charge and all other social services offered by the Government of Canada like employment insurance or student government loans.


Canadian citizenship – Get consular support

Under few situations the Canadian consulate might be able to help you e.g. If you have lost your passport or if you are in trouble abroad or If you or anyone you know goes missing and incase of emergency if you need financial help. If you have dual citizenship then there are some limitations.


Canadian citizenship – Visit or Travel to United States easily

When you are a Canadian citizen you can travel freely to USA you will not require any tourist visa. As well, Canadian citizens can seek employment in the United States if the employment is covered by the NAFTA treaty.


Canadian citizenship – Get Involved in politics

After you get Canadian citizenship, you can choose to run for office. This means you can run in municipal, provincial or federal elections, if you are interested as an independent candidate or by joining any of the major parties in Canada.


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Canadian Citizenship Test


Canadian Citizenship Test

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