Canadian Citizenship Test – A Complete Guide To The Test (Part 1)

Canadian Citizenship Test

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Canadian Citizenship Test – A Complete Guide To The Test (Part 1)

The citizenship test for Canada is the final hurdle that you would need to cross if you want to participate in the citizenship ceremony. This test, administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is required for all applicants for Canadian citizenship who are aged between 18 and 54 and who meet the basic requirements for citizenship. Once you are done with the process of filling an application form and submission of fees and you meet all the eligibility criteria’s, you will need to go through the process of citizenship.

Canadian citizenship test is available in either of two official languages, English or French and it intends to measure how well you can understand one of Canada’s official languages (English or French) and your knowledge about the country. You will be asked about Rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen, history, political systems, social and cultural life, geography, monarchy, branches of the government and knowledge about the applicant’s province.


Canadian Citizenship Test – What to expect

The written test is a set of twenty questions with four possible answer to choose from and the applicant has to mark with pencil in the bubble with the correct answer (a, b, c or d). Unless it is a True/False question with only two possible answers. The Canadian citizenship test is timed at 30 minutes. To pass, 15 of the 20 questions must be answered correctly.

You will be provided with the pre-sharpened pencils for answer sheet. Staff will explain how to use the answer sheet. Each applicant will be given a different randomly generated set of 20 questions.  The officer expects you not to talk or look at your neighbor’s sheet during the test and turn off your electronic devices.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Oral Test

If you are asked to come to an interview with a citizenship officer, the Canadian citizenship test questions will be asked orally. The oral interview will last 30 to 90 minutes. That happens if you have trouble reading and writing in English or French.


Canadian Citizenship Test – How to Plan for the Test?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada known as IRCC will inform you by letter where and when to take your Canadian citizenship test and if you want to reschedule your test you must inform IRCC by writing a letter of explanation using this webform. If you were unable to attend your citizenship test, click here to see what you have to do.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Documents You Need to Bring to the Test

You need to carry your original documents with your application when you go for the test. A passport or travel document that you have used in the four years before you applied for citizenship of Canada is required. Click here to find the list of documents. Passport is required to match any or all stamps/visas found with your entry/exit dates on your residency calculator.


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