Canadian Citizenship Test – A Complete Guide To The Test (Part 2)

Canadian Citizenship Test

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Hrishikesh Ambere

Canadian Citizenship Test – A Complete Guide To The Test (Part 2)

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Canadian Citizenship Test – What to Do When You Reach the Test Centre

Be on time for your test or you won’t be able to take your test that day. Be cool and don’t be nervous or stressed. The entire Canadian citizenship test process will take a few hours so it is best you come alone on your test day. The citizenship officer will interview each candidate before taking the actual citizenship test.

When you reach the centre, present your test notice to the receptionist and be seated in the waiting room. When your turn comes, go to an office where the citizenship officer will conduct an informal interview that can take about 10-30 minutes. You have to carry all the original documents that you were required to bring with you at this citizenship test. Click here for a list of all the documents.

The officer will ask simple questions regarding your application and then you will go to the test room for a written exam.


Canadian Citizenship Test – Tips to Maximize your Success

Read the book, ‘Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship’ that bears all the basic information about the country.

Take a lot of chapter tests and simulation tests before your actual test.

Answer ALL the questions in your Canadian citizenship test. Relax and read the questions carefully before you answer them.

If you are not satisfied with your answer you can erase the old answer and choose the new one.

Be punctual and reach on time.


Canadian Citizenship Test – What Happens After My Test is Over

The results are given to you right after your test. After you are finished with your Canadian citizenship test and have answers 15 question correctly and you also meet all the other requirements for Canadian citizenship then the officer deems the candidate eligible for granting the citizenship. You are then provided with information about your citizenship ceremony date, where you take oath of being the citizen of Canada and get the citizenship certificate. It usually takes place within 6 months of the citizenship test and finally you will be given your citizenship certificate.


Canadian Citizenship Test – What if I fail the Test

If you fail the first Canadian citizenship test but meet all the other criteria for, a second test will be scheduled for you usually within 6 to 8 weeks.

If you do not pass the Canadian citizenship test for the second time, then a notice will be sent to you advising you to appear for an interview with a citizenship judge or officer. The officer will test your French or English language skills and your knowledge of Discover Canada.

If you do not pass the oral interview, this will cause your Canadian citizenship to be refused.


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